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Single Family

A trend that has emerged is the substantial institutional capital placed in the direct acquisition of single family homes. Investment funds that typically acquired commercial, multi-family, or debt instruments, have now amassed portfolios of thousands of homes across the country as rentals.

With low vacancy rates and increasing rental rates, many of our clients have likewise pursued single family rentals as an investment strategy in multiple markets. We make your investment in single family homes a passive investment with a solid return. If you are interested in building a single family investment portfolio in one market, or across the region, we have the expertise to get you there.


Multifamily management is a class of its own. Our real estate experts have sold more than $2 billion in multifamily assets alone. Our success in multifamily comes from our ability to see the property from the perspective of a tenant, management firm, and investor.

Our clients appreciate our approach in providing valuation services and showing how long term income can be improved through cost savings, increased occupancy, and better rates.


Landlords want great tenants and tenants want space that makes their customers and employees happy. Our job is finding great tenants and keeping them happy. We treat every management assignment as if it were our own business or building. Doing the right thing for the long term value of the investment has brought clients back again and again.

Finding tenants that complement the building and have sound financial condition is paramount. While lease rate, term, and escalations are important, many other factors can be more
easily overlooked. Considering if the tenants use will create higher wear on the building improvements, the mechanical systems, or what kind of tenant mix a tenant will create are key considerations.

We are continually looking for and finding operational efficiencies. Keeping accurate books, visiting the site regularly, and periodically rebidding services contracts keeps buildings fresh and their return sound.


Institutional clients regularly look to us to care for their Assets. These clients frequently have a large number of fiduciaries to report to and rely heavily on us for our market knowledge, sound judgement, and management expertise.

Preparing detailed budgets and performing in accordance with those budgets is key to their success as well as ours. Institutional clients may be required to adhere to additional legal or financial requirements placed on them by outside regulatory bodies and we are accustomed to work with them in providing third party reporting.

what we do as a brokerage

Better Results

We combine the best people, technology, marketing, and research to deliver you the best real estate experience. Rather than outsource, we take ownership of the process. Our technology division developed ARTI, to improve the structure, speed, and transparency of the real estate process. Our marketing and photography department ensure the best presentation. Our research helps you make better decisions. Our people have been doing this a long time, and are very good at what they do. The result, is better results for you.


There is a reason we are one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the region. Clients and their agents are experiencing an easier way to transact real estate. If you are looking to buy or sell residential real estate you can connect with our ERA Brokers sales team here.


Our specialists can assist you whatever your need. Not only do our teams have vast experience in Office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and land transaction, we have expertise in other areas as well. We have completed hundreds of specialty transactions such as Farm and ranch, hospitality, land development, and mergers and acquisitions. If you are looking for assistance in commercial real estate, you can connect with our commercial division here.